The Lamb

A Japanese City Pop Band

The Lamb are Japanese city pop band.

The band consists of Noboru Watanabe (vocals, guitar), Junpei Ogino (bass), Yushi Nakajima (drums), Kyuto Uno (keyboards), and Shinjiro Yamada (saxophone).

Formed in Tokyo in 2019, they have self-released 4  EPs.

The song "Plastic Girl" was ranked # 24 at the highest on Spotify's Japanese viral top 50, and has been featured on many official Spotify playlists, including "Best City Pop Songs Of 2020".

In 2021, "Tokyo" has been featured on international music blogs and reaction videos, and is attracting attention from city pop fans in Japan and abroad.

March of the same year, they signed a contract with Luuv Label, a music label in Shanghai, China. 

In September, they signed with UK music label, The Animal Farm.
In November, they started to release 3 singles which they produced together.