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History Of The Lamb

2014-2015: Before the formation

Noboru Watanabe was a company employee then.
He asked his friends from school, "S" ( ex-bass player) and Yushi Nakajima (drummer), to restart making music.


Two demo recordings were made: "F.E.M.", based on the concept of a "fictional Japanese band active in the U.S. in 1973," and "Toru Okada's Self-Cover Collection", by a fictional commercial songwriter. 
These included "Tokyo","Judy","Kimi ni Muchu", and "Asa", which were later remade for EP"Debut(2021)".


The band is named "The Lamb" after the Chinese zodiac. They start working as a trio band. They released three albums, "acetate", "7 Hours And 15 days" and "Live!". These include early versions of "Vertigo", "Dissilient" and "Poolside".

2016-2017: Early career

Hosted an audition-type live event at the outdoor stage of Yoyogi Park. Receive entries from over 300 artists. After that, the activity was temporarily suspended due to the busyness of the members.

2019: Metrofuturhythm

Junpei Ogino joins as a new bassist. Recorded "2062" at Knockout Recording Studio(Tokyo). The engineer is Keiichi Morinaga. Filmed a music video directed by Daichi Sugimoto, the youngest winner of the Berlin International Film Festival.

EP "Metrofuturhythm" released.

A label invited them to make a release on the day of their first live performance.

However, the company went bankrupt right after the recording.

2020:'Bout Her, So What

After the bankruptcy of the label, a new EP, "'Bout Her", was completed immediately. They were invited to do a live project by a new label, but the project fell apart due to the spread of COVID-19.


Self-released the EP. The lead track, "Plastic Girl," was featured on many official Spotify playlists, and the music video received a huge increase in views and responses from both inside and outside Japan.
A month later, backlash happened.


October EP "So What" released. The music video for the lead track "Petrichor" contains a message to backlash.


Around the same time, jazz keyboard player Kyuto Uno and saxophone player Shinjiro Yamada joined as new members. Started production of new EP.

2021: Debut, present

In January, EP "Debut" was released. The lead track "Tokyo" has received a great deal of feedback from overseas city pop fans.

The previous year's song "Plastic Girl" was selected as "Best City Pop Songs Of 2020".


Around the same time, he started co-producing and preparing for the release of the single, approached by Ville Leppänen of the UK music label The Animal Farm.


In March, signed a contract with Luuv Label , a music label in Shanghai, China. Started streaming services in China, SNS, video appearances at live events, etc.


Signed with The Animal Farm in September.


From December 14, 2022, two singles and a full album will be released on Pony Canyon's Early Reflection label.

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