5 members. Acoustic city pop sound

Jazz keyboard player Kyuto Uno and saxophone player Shinjiro Yamada joined the group to form a five-member group. An acoustic city pop sound with a strong influence of new soul. It has received a lot of feedback from domestic and foreign city pop fans.


Plastic Girl

Japan Viral #24

It has attracted a lot of attention from home and abroad and has been featured in many Spotify official playlists including "Best City Pop Songs Of 2020". Japan Viral highest 24th place. A homage work aimed at breaking away from the trio sound up to that point.



​Trio sound

Recording is at Knockout Recording Studio(Tokyo). The engineer is Keiichi Morinaga. The music video is directed by Daichi Sugimoto, the youngest winner of the Berlin International Film Festival.



Answer to backlash

EP "So What" lead track. A music video with a message about backlash to "Plastic Girl". Directed by summer spiel.